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Service Tenet

Respected customers:
Shandong Luyuan Wantong tube industry limited company Marketing Center specially set up the customer service department and its functions is to provide better service to customers, so that customers with the rest assured, guarantee the customer satisfaction principle, our customer service department staff full-time product pre-sale, sale and customer service service. Our company makes the following commitments:
1. Our department provides technical service plans and programmes.
1, we will send free technical personnel to the construction site guidance pipeline construction and installation, and at any time according to the requirements of your company to provide free technical training;
2, our department promises to provide free on site laying, commissioning, supervision, installation guidance and test service.
3, carry out free technical training for the construction staff in our department or the designated place of the customer according to the customer's requirements.
Two, other technical service plans and programmes
1) warranty, maintenance years, scope, measures and conditions
1, once customers cooperate with our company, we promise to provide good after-sales service for a long time, ensure that we can achieve "advance service" and "whole process service" in the process of cooperation with customers, and carry out the whole process of product manufacturing, installation, debugging and repair.
2, our department is free of technical guidance. After the warranty period, we are responsible for the life-long technical service of the product and the free following after service.
3, we promise to deliver the products that the customers need to the designated delivery place in time and accurately according to the quantity of the contract and the demand of the buyers. The customers can notify the company to deliver the goods at any time (no holidays). According to the user's reasonable time, punctual and accurate delivery.
During 4, before the construction or construction of our free use, installation, maintenance, maintenance training and technical guidance, and sent technical experts to the site, to provide free pipe construction technology training and on-site technical guidance to customers, the training services include: explain the characteristics of material and pipe accessories; trench excavation, pipe laying and backfilling attention to matters such as the correct use of the installation tool.
5, during the pipeline installation, our department is responsible for the free placement of experienced technicians and on-site installation instructions to ensure the installation quality and meet the on-site construction requirements according to the on-site conditions and buyer's requirements.
6. During the period of installation, we provide the buyer without compensation for the hot-melt welding machine (to ensure the normal work) and the maintenance of the hot-melt welding.
7. In the stage of installation and commissioning, according to the buyer's request, we will send the on-site service personnel to deal with the quality problems at the first time of receipt of the notice.
Two) the response of after service and the time to arrive at the scene:
1, we promise to provide after-sales service to the quality of the product, and ensure that the maintenance service is delivered to the site in time after receiving the maintenance notice.
2, ready to provide technical support and solve problems in construction quality, timely response, fault problems raised by users and customers received emergency assistance, within 2 hours to reply or promptly send personnel rushed to the scene to aid and solve problems, to ensure the procurement of the normal use, so that users are not satisfied with the quality of service does not stop.
Three) the service life of the pipe is 50 years.
Four) other
1, we will regularly or irregularly to customer service visits, investigation on product quality, timely understanding of the use of pipe after installation, after the warranty period is responsible for product life-long maintenance services and free customer service to provide timely, high-quality customer service and technical service for customers, life-long maintenance.
2. The service concept and purpose of our department
Service concept: service creating customers
Service purpose: to ensure customer satisfaction