Address: the 309 National Road of Zhu Liu street, Changle, Weifang, and the South 400 meters

of the intersection of landscape road

Seat: 0536-6716968

Phone: 13070775155



Quality policy: creating first-class products to meet user requirements
Enterprise tenet: people-oriented innovation and excellence
Management objectives: quality: safety: a second strict in demands not forget the equipment: spotless assessment: one not to
Enterprise concept: today's quality, tomorrow's market
Enterprise spirit: quality, reputation, quality and benefit first
Enterprise culture, enterprise slogan, the development and propaganda of the development road of the enterprise.
Our corporate philosophy and culture: to bring thousands of customers to the road to success.
To ensure the smooth production of the products is to ensure the smooth operation of the cause.
To ensure the smooth operation of the business is the unimpeded way to ensure the interests of the customers.
"Through" is our core values. Our product is the key to success as long as it is unblocked.