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After-sale Service

Respected customers:
In view of the increasing demand for after-sale service for customers, in order to adapt to the development of the market, the company has made many efforts in the aspect of internal quality. At the same time, a technical after-sales service department has been set up, equipped with a number of professional and technical personnel responsible for the after-sales service of the company's products.
In order to create famous brand, raise the reputation of the enterprise and establish the image of the enterprise, our company is in the spirit of "strive for perfection and be conscientious and responsible!" The spirit, with "the most favorable price, the most considerate service, the most reliable product quality" principle to the customer solemnly promise:
First, product quality commitment:
1. All the pipes of the company are the products of the company's own production to ensure the quality of the products.
2, all the pipes of the company are inspecting by the Weifang quality and technical supervision and inspection and the inspection of the state institutions.
3. All the pipes of the company are equipped with inspection reports and certificate of qualification.
4. All the products produced by the company are produced and tested according to the national standard, and the unqualified products will never come out of the factory. Strictly enforce the relevant provisions of the after-sale service of the national industrial products. Under the normal operation of the product instructions, our company will be in charge of the quality of the quality of the warranty period.
Two. After service commitment:
1, service purpose: the product fully meets the requirements of various testing items for the product, and can guarantee the quality of the product.
2, service goal: the service quality wins the customer satisfaction. Fast, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough.
3, service efficiency: there will be any quality problems during the warranty period. Our company will send professional and technical personnel to the scene within the first time, so that the problem will not be solved and the staff will not be evacuated.
4, service principle: ensure the timely delivery of delivery in strict accordance with the scope of supply and delivery time required by the contract. Provide high quality products and timely, continuous, considerate and meticulous service. Our company will fully cooperate with your staff to carry out inspection and on-site inspection, and provide the materials required for the inspection of goods. Customers can be sampled at our workshop, warehouse and site at any time and fully respect the results of customer inspection.
5, the company is free for the customer to train technical after-sales service, and let them understand the pipe more deeply.