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The plastic industry in China needs to be developed from large to strong.

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China's plastic industry is the core of plastic processing, including plastic synthetic resins, additives and additives, plastic processing machines and moulds. Since the "11th Five-Year", the plastic industry is stepping on the road from the plastic country to the plastic power.
The darling of the plastics industry in 2006
2006 is "11th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, the plastics industry to overcome the raw material prices, the increasingly fierce market competition, serious excess production capacity of some products and other unfavorable factors, increase scientific and technological innovation, the potential of mining enterprises to actively explore the international market, has achieved remarkable results.
The economy is running steadily. In 2006, the main economic indicators of China's plastic industry above designated size enterprises increased by more than 20%, and the total output value increased by over 25% over the same period. The main business revenue increased by 23.96% compared with the same period last year. The total profit and tax volume increased by 27.21%, and the total profit increased by 30.36%. The technical level of the plastic industry has been promoted rapidly, and the quality of the products has risen sharply. As China's plastic products encountered technical barriers and anti-dumping in the international market, the import growth was faster in 2006 and the export growth slowed down.
The output is growing rapidly. In 2006, the production of plastic products above the scale of our country was 28 million 19 thousand tons, up 18.68% from the same period. Plastic pipes and other plastic products have increased by more than 30%, plastic, plastic, silk and woven products have increased by 20%, and plastic packing boxes and containers have increased by 18%.
The concentration of industry is increasing. The developed areas of plastic industry are mainly distributed in the southeast coastal provinces and cities, and the industrial cluster effect is very obvious. In 2006, the total output of plastic products in 3 provinces of Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu was 15 million 925 thousand and 600 tons, accounting for 56.8% of the total production of plastic products. The plastics industry has increased to varying degrees in all regions, but the uneven distribution of regional distribution has changed little. The products with high energy consumption, low processing technology and labor-intensive products are gradually flowing to the central and western regions.
All kinds of products is very obvious regional characteristics, Guangdong Province plastic pipes and accessories, plastic packaging boxes and containers, daily plastic products and other plastic products output ranked first in the country, accounted for the total yield of 23.4%, 13.9%, 27.7% and 43.3%; Zhejiang Province, plastic film, plastic artificial leather, synthetic leather, ranked first in the country the total yield of 24.9%, respectively, 48.7% and 34.4%; Jiangsu Province, the foam as the first in the country, accounting for about 44.1% of the total output of Shandong province; plastic film, plastic woven products ranks first in the country, which accounted for 28% of total output, 23.8%; plastic profile production in Liaoning province more than Jiangsu and Anhui Province, leapt to the top about 16.6% of the total output.
"11th Five-Year" to achieve leapfrog development
In the "11th Five-Year" period, the plastic industry to promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, and strive to improve the level of industrial technology, the total output of plastic annual growth rate of 10% from 2010 to 2015, the annual growth rate should be 8%, to 2010, 2015, the total output of plastic products should reach 35 million tons and 50 million tons respectively.
(agricultural plastic film, agricultural water-saving agricultural equipment) and geosynthetics is the national important production of all-round construction of well-off society and constructing the new countryside, should be a priority to increase development efforts, the main products to high performance, to meet the needs of the development of modern agriculture.
Plastic packaging materials and plastic building materials are new materials that are related to the quality of life of the 1 billion 300 million people and build a resource conserving and environment-friendly society. We must adhere to the direction of saving, environmental protection and safety, and strictly promote the application according to the production and construction regulations of product standards.
The application fields of high tech and high added value engineering plastics and composite materials are expanding along with the development of national economy. We must vigorously improve original innovation ability, integrate innovation ability and introduce and re create ability.
The bulk of plastic products (pipes and fittings, doors and windows, profiles and injection molding products, plastic calendering products and hollow products, plastic packaging materials, biaxially oriented film) should focus on building their own brands, improve quality, increase the variety, to meet the diverse needs, expand the high-end market share.
To improve plastic products processing technology, technology, energy saving, clean production, product grade and increase variety, we must attach importance to the design and manufacture of plastic machinery and mould, and arming enterprises with advanced plastic processing equipment.
Fitness equipment, medical plastics, antibacterial plastics, household plastics, including plastic toys, household electronics and other products, should meet the requirements of safety, hygiene, environmental protection and related international standards.
To reduce environmental pollution, we should strengthen the research and development of waste plastics recycling and degradation plastics, pay attention to energy conservation and rational utilization, play a unique role in energy consumption reduction, waste plastics recycling, disposal and environmental protection, and vigorously develop the recycling economy.
The protection of the ozone layer to eliminate ozone depleting substances (ODS), the global human body from UV damage and the incidence of various diseases, in the "11th Five-Year" at the end, in order to realize the transformation of the production technology of fluorine free foam, realize our country of the United Nations signed the no longer use ODS foaming agent to do commitment.


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