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The market determines the future of the development of plastic pipes

Date:2017-12-19 09:20:19 Source: Browsing times:
        According to the statistics of China's urban water supply and Drainage Association, the total length of urban water supply pipelines in China is 500266.59 km, of which 116661.36 km of plastic pipes of various materials account for 23.32% of the total pipeline length. The overall operation of the water supply network is stable. However, there are many problems such as high leakage rate, aging of pipe network, poor quality of pipe material, accident rate of pipe network and high rate of detonating pipe in some water supply enterprises.
The characteristics of plastic pipe used in water enterprise
Type of pipe material: polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) tube, high density polyethylene (HDPE) tube, a small amount of thermosetting glass tube and so on.
Pipe uses: PVC-U pipes and HDPE pipes for water distribution, HDPE pipes and all kinds of FRP pipes for water conveyance, and HDPE pipes used for renewal and transformation of urban water supply network by various trenchless technologies.
The advantages of plastic pipes are strong applicability, strong corrosion resistance, simple production and construction, light weight, green and environmental protection, no pollution, good hydraulic condition, and good anti-seismic performance.
Application and existing problems of plastic pipes
In the past 30 years, the production, variety and specification of plastic pipes have been greatly developed, and the diversification and construction technology of the products are becoming more and more perfect. At present, the plastic pipe of positive energy and material saving, ecological protection, improve the living environment, convenient construction and development, 4 times of water supply pipeline PE, PVC-U and other plastic pipe tube growth rate is about average growth rate, far higher than the national growth rate of the national economy.
       Although the plastic pipe industry in China has made great achievements and progress, but problems still exist: the pipe supporting research and development and construction technology promotion is not enough, resulting in plastic piping system maintenance costs; standardization, product standardization should be improved; only pay attention to product research, ignoring the application technology and construction technology; engineering technical standards and technical standards for construction is not perfect, and restrict the application and development of the market of plastic pipe products.
The market determines the future of the plastic pipeline industry
In the next few years, China's plastic pipeline industry will face unprecedented opportunities for development. Specification for plastic pipe market, strengthen industry self-discipline, prevent disorderly competition; in technological innovation, the development of new products at the same time, to strengthen the research and improvement in inspection technology, supporting parts, construction technology and other aspects of the existing traditional products; combined with the "13th Five-Year" development planning proposals, fully seize the opportunity to seek the development of big industry. The development plan of the Yangtze River Basin, the promotion of the concept of sponge city and the construction of urban underground pipe gallery will bring new opportunities for the development of plastic pipe industry.
The plastic pipeline industry needs to think carefully: what can we do in front of these opportunities? What is the role that plastic pipes can play in these opportunities? Where can we use plastic pipes? What are the problems that you will encounter when you use it? How do these problems be solved... Only in this way can the production and application of plastic pipes develop more greatly.


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