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Development goal of plastic pipe industry PSP steel plastic composite pressure p

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     With the development of the domestic economy entering the new normal stage, the market demand for plastic pipes has been stabilizing gradually. The industry has changed from "high speed development period" to "stationary period" and "transformation period". The further development of industry is restricted by the problems of continuous supply exceeding demand, intensified competition, lack of technological innovation power, continuous increase of production factor cost and tight funds.
"During the China plastic pipe industry" 13th Five-Year "(2016-2020) development proposal" (hereinafter referred to as the "proposal") believes that the next five years is an important period of development of plastic pipe industry, the growth rate will slow further, the growth rate decline, increased competition in the industry. The 5 development goals of production, product structure optimization, scientific and technological progress, technical standard formulation and product quality have been put forward in the proposal.
The yield of the target, in the next five years, plastic pipe production capacity will maintain a growth rate of around 3% a year, in 2020, expect the plastic pipe production will reach 16 million tons, including wading products is still the main application areas of plastic pipe, in particular to the municipal water supply and drainage pipe demand. It is expected that the average market share of plastic pipe length in all kinds of material pipes is more than 55%.
The goal of product structure optimization is to respond to changes in market demand, resource conditions and business environment, so as to realize the optimization of plastic piping system, optimize the allocation of resources, and eliminate the excess production capacity at the low end. The varieties and specifications of the plastic pipeline products are complete, the supporting level is improved significantly, and the overall level reaches the international advanced level. We will continue to consolidate and promote the traditional market, broaden the application field, and develop plastic pipes with special functions in the energy and petroleum industries.
The goal of scientific and technological progress, scientific and technological innovation and technological progress will be the core driving force for the development of the industry. It is expected that the innovation technology will cover 80% of the products and technology. Relying on technological innovation and technological progress, we should strengthen the research of plastic piping system, develop new products with high technology content, improve the added value of products, improve engineering application technology, and promote the sustained, stable and healthy development of plastic pipe industry.
Under the principle of ensuring the applicability, progressiveness, uniformity and coordination of the standards, it is recommended to speed up the updating of the current national and industrial standards and raise the level of product standards. Strengthen the related products of plastic pipe Association standards work, formed a complete Association standard system as soon as possible, to achieve full coverage of product standards; product standards association should focus on pipeline functionality, safety and durability requirements, and gradually achieve the current international standards. Some of the standards or projects in the association's product standards should be strict with the standard of the state and industry.
In the product quality target, the industry should attach great importance to the improvement of product quality level, strengthen the structural reform of supply side, strengthen brand building, implement industry self-discipline, improve product quality awareness and product quality level, and eliminate production and sale of fake and shoddy products. The next five years, the industry should be based on PVC, PE, PP and other traditional materials, increase R & D modification, composite and other new materials of plastic pipe and accessory products, pay attention to the basic research work, improve the pipeline production and application technology, improve the existing varieties, the development of high performance and high added value. Pipeline products, to expand new areas of application. The industry should adapt to the development of macro economy in the development of the new normal, adjust and optimize industrial structure, strengthen the supply side while maintaining stability, structural reforms, pay attention to the relevant industry exchanges and cooperation, the formation of industrial clusters have the competitive advantage, accelerate technological innovation and technological progress, the development of new products to further strengthen the high performance and high added value, strengthen brand building and enhance the level of quality, improve the comprehensive competition ability, to adapt to the different needs of different markets and different fields of plastic pipe products.


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