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Quality promotion should be taken as the grasp of the upgrading of plastic pipel

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"Scenario setting: the world without plastic is unthinkable. In the European market, 60 million tons of plastic products are invested annually, and Europe produces about 25 million tons of plastic waste every year, and 75% of plastic waste is burned or filled." In October 26th to 27 in Zhejiang, Hangzhou at the fifth session of Chinese (2017 Hangzhou) International Conference on plastic pipe, plastic pipe fittings when from the European Association (TEPPFA) Toni (Tony) European plastic pipe industry in recycling and standard practices, to the attention of participants, many on behalf of seriously not only start with the notes, some also come up with a mobile phone to take the corresponding PPT (slide).
The Chinese plastics processing industry association Specialized Committee (CPPA) plastic pipe plastic pipe and the international conference Association (PPCA) jointly organized by the global plastic pipe exchange event, one of the main purposes is to hope that through information and technical exchanges, to further promote the production and application of plastic pipe industry level, and promote the healthy development of Chinese international plastic pipe industry to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry.
"This conference is the extended conference of the Eighteenth International Plastic pipe conference 2016 (Berlin, Germany). It is also the fifth time for China to host an international plastic pipe industry event." Chinese plastics processing industry association of plastic pipe Specialized Committee chairman Zhang Jianjun said, from the capital of Beijing (2009, 2011) to the starting point of the ancient Silk Road in Xi'an (2013), the international metropolis of Shanghai (2015) to the beautiful West Lake in Hangzhou (2017), improving the technical level of Chinese plastic pipe industry through international exchanges. To promote industry progress.
"At present, China is the world's largest market for the application of plastic piping systems. Chinese the "13th Five-Year" planning focus on water consumption, water use efficiency and water quality of 3 water related targets, believe that by virtue of plastic pipe products, long service life and excellent quality and other advantages, the plastic pipe industry will be to achieve all of the goals through unremitting efforts." Zoran, chairman of the Eighteenth International Conference on plastic piping, PPCA, Berlin, Germany (Zoran) said that since the China International Plastics Pipe exchange conference was held, China's plastics pipe industry has been developing rapidly. On the one hand, the industrial concentration of large scale plastic pipeline enterprises is increasing; on the other hand, the smaller plastic pipeline enterprises are dying out. The former is the result of product quality driven, and the latter is caused by the fierce competition of production cost. Another noteworthy trend is the gradual development of plastic pipe products to more complex multi-storey pipelines. The performance of China's plastic pipe products is improving day by day, which greatly improves the quality level of construction and municipal construction.
New technologies bring new challenges to the industry
According to the plastic pipe Chinese plastics processing industry association Specialized Committee statistics, in the relevant national policy support and market demand, China's plastic pipe industry still maintained a sustained and stable development, the yield increased from 11 million tonnes in 2012 to 14 million 360 thousand tons in 2016. In recent years, the export volume, the export volume and the average unit price of the plastic pipelines have maintained relatively stable growth, and the export volume increased from 480 thousand tons in 2012 to 580 thousand tons in 2016. At present, the output of the top 20 enterprises in the industry has exceeded 40% of the total output.
Wang Zhanjie, Secretary General of China Plastics Processing Industry Association plastic piping Specialized Committee, said that technological progress is the main driving force for the industry's innovation and development. In the continuous development of plastic pipe industry, technological innovation and technological progress have played an important role. But China's plastic pipe industry at present there are not enough for the concept of innovation, some enterprises still emphasis on product imitation, basic research is insufficient; some enterprises R & D investment products is not high, relatively few problems such as high technology, high added value, the existence of these problems is bad for business and industry face new challenges brought about by new technology.
At home and abroad who are attending the meeting that, along with the development of technology, the application field of plastic pipe expanding, the development of many new materials and new technology, new equipment and new products, in addition to the traditional areas of water supply and drainage, there are many new areas for the emergence of new technologies and products, but also to the development of the industry has brought new challenges.
Exchange meeting, chief engineer of the Ministry of science and technology to build residential development and industrialization of high Lixin center devoted to the development of central heating heat insulation plastic pipe in engineering application; European PVC Pipeline Association Pierre introduced the progress and advantages of PVC pipeline; China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) Professor, director of the Sino US joint trenchless Engineering Research Center Ma Baosong introduced trenchless technology and plastic pipes in the trenchless engineering application of new technology and so on, many Chinese and foreign exchange, not only shows the broad application space of plastic pipe, also let its development opportunities and challenges more clearly.
Quality competition is a global competition
With the progress of the society and the continuous improvement of the quality consciousness of the application fields, the quality of plastic pipeline products has been paid more and more attention. "Quality is the key factor in market competition, and the quality is the most important factor in the new market, the new consumer, or the potential barriers to trade." Ricardo, director of the AENOR-CEIS certification and testing agency in Spain, said.
Wang Zhanjie also said that as the largest plastic pipe production and application country in the world, cultivating technology driven and quality competitive advantages is an important foundation for ensuring and promoting the sustainable development of China's plastic pipe industry. Plastic pipeline industry and other "middle"


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