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Our company implements the performance appraisal system

Date:2017-12-06 09:53:24 Source: Browsing times:
A purpose:
In order to strengthen the strict implementation of the company's system, improve the working efficiency of the company team, and enhance the sense of efficiency and collective honor of the employees, the system is formulated.
The establishment of this system is based on the principle of fair and open, and pays attention to the value of the outstanding employees of the company and the honor of the team.
Specific provisions:
(1) the administrative department is responsible for the performance appraisal of all the company departments. The specific data is made by the administrative assistant, who is responsible for the unified record, the establishment of archives, the monthly summary, and the publicity after the information is tabulated.
(2) department performance results, the unified adoption of personal percentage system, year-end assessment, and the Department bonuses and employees' personal rewards directly linked.
(3) the information of the performance appraisal of various departments is carried out by the heads of each department to the departments of their respective responsibilities.
Fourth, the company set up department year-end bonus for all departments, the bonus amount is multiplied by the score value, that is the actual revenue. The employee reward is issued by the department director according to the personal performance of the Department from the Department bonus. If an employee has an objection, it may appeal to the administrative department.
Calculation formula: Department bonus = Department employee performance average value * Department bonus
Employee bonus = employee performance * (the number of department employees bonuses, Department)
Methods of evaluation:
1. evaluation group:
Leader: Zhang Ying.
Crew: in the wealth of nations, high Yunfei, Yang Jie, Chen Guilan
2. evaluation content:
The specific implementation of the management system of all the departments.
3. evaluation frequency:
In addition to the attendance and health system, the implementation of other systems was randomly selected weekly and random times per week. At least once a week. Month as a unit, monthly summary of the report, the end of the year summary.
The attendance appraisal on a monthly basis, the monthly basis at the end of the attendance machine implementation.
The health examination is checked at random every day.
Evaluation group award method:
The performance reward of 1. team members is mainly based on other employees' deduction of performance, and the average value is supplemented if the average value is lower than that of the employees in the Department. The above results are based on the actual performance.
2. the assessment team's work assessment is examined by the general manager personally. If there is an untrue assessment, a double deduction of the performance bonus will be taken to the responsible personnel.


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